NetSwitch it's a pretty utility that save the current TCP/IP network and proxy configuration and reload it when you want
WITHOUT RESTART YOUR SYSTEM. You can save several configurations to use when you need.

This software run on windows 2000, XP or later systems because of it uses the NETSH command that is present from Win2k.
It was developed with microsoft .net framework, so you need to install it in your system in order to run NetSwitch

NetSwitch is completly FREE for use and distribution.

Any comment (positive or negative) to

Version 1.1 rel. Notes: some bugs fixed, can delete saved configurations.

Release upgraded on 07/01/2004 rel. notes: fixed Proxy Enabling/Disabling bug and saved configuration names with spaces bug

Version 2.0 rel. Notes: some bugs fixed, can create desktop shortcuts to change configuration on the fly.

Version 2.1 rel notes: fixed bug on desktop shortcuts with spaces configuration names.(reported by Patrick Schlicher )

DOWNLOAD NetSwitch 2.1